• 15-year-old me: MOM I'm practically an ADULT ugggh you never let me do ANYTHING in olden times i could get MARRIED *eye roll into another dimension*
  • me now: for my birthday i want food and to stay on your health insurance


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"Dear Master, we do it well…"
I am glad if they get along well; sincerely

妄想して悶々としています 世話がないです(笑)

Anonymous whispered: Can I request a voice of G1 Starscream being called a girl?




Some individual photos I took in the Garden tea Party, everyone was so amazing :D  once again, if you want your photo in full size feel free to contact me :)


Other than chocolate prints, I’m IN LOVE with anything Pink ^^
I’m also wearing my new bob by Lockshop! I teased it a bit to add more volume :)

Headpiece ~ Bling Up

Wig ~ lockshopwigs

Blouse ~ Angelic Pretty

JSK ~Angelic Pretty

Bag ~ Baby, The Stars Shine Bright

Socks ~ Baby, The Stars Shine Bright 

Shoes ~ Angelic Pretty

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~Lapin Chocolat

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It’s what Kaz would have wanted.


To thatkindoffangirl. It’s nice to have a working tablet… I am going to start a war in here just wait a minute… Why now?


BTSSB: Last Note ~ Faint Spring Song ~
It’s absolutely gorgeous ;O; I won’t keep the ivory one but still… hnnng <3

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I got a new Phone, trying to draw with it….